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Aims and Objectives

Candidates will be able to perform a systematic approach to the assessment of a seriously ill or injured child, recognize and manage a child in respiratory distress and failure, compensated and hypotensive shock. Participants will be able to recognize and manage a child with a lifethreatening bradyarrhythmia, tachyarrhythmia or arrest rhythm, and prevent further deterioration during stabilization and transfer. Candidates will be able to perform effective respiratory management skills, including the use of oxygen delivery devices, ventilation and intubation, as well as the appropriate use of electrical therapy, including defibrillation and synchronized cardioversion, and IV access techniques including intra-osseous and fluid bolus administration.

Target Audience

The Course is available to any healthcare professional who is registered as a Medical or Dental Practitioner, Intern, Junior Intern, Professional Nurse, Clinical Technologist or Advanced Life Support Paramedic. Although not mandatory, prior participation on an ACLS Course is recommended.

Course Size

Up to 8 participants per Instructor.

Course Length

2 days.

Course Structure

PALS is a practical, case-based Course that will enhance one’s skills in the evaluation and management of an infant or child with respiratory compromise, circulatory compromise or cardiac arrest. Ideal performance is initially demonstrated via video and Instructor. Learning is facilitated by extensive hands-on practice, with each participant getting several opportunities to lead their team in simulated clinical scenarios, guided by positive and constructive feedback.

Assessment and Preparation

A comprehensive study package comprising a 280-page American Heart Association PALS Provider Manual and Pocket Reference Card is supplied prior to PALS Course participation. Participants must be in possession of an American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Provider Certificate. Candidates will receive an American Heart Association Paediatric Advanced Life Support Card and Certificate upon successful completion of the Course.

HPCSA CPD Accreditation

Accredited for 30 Continuing Education Units, including 2 CEU’s for Ethics, by the University of the Witwatersrand and the Health Professions Council of South Africa.