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The Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor Course is a 2-day program

i.e. a 1-day Core Instructor Course and a 1-day Discipline Specific Module Course, designed to prepare BLS instructors to disseminate the science, skills and philosophy of resuscitation programmes to participants enrolled in BLS & Heartsaver Courses.

The American Heart Association Core Instructor Course is video-intensive and CD directed. It provides a model of the behaviors that each module teaches. The Course is highly interactive, requiring candidates to make decisions, engage in dialogue and reflect on what constitutes quality instruction. The Course takes at least 8-hours to complete.

The Discipline Specific Module Course (DSM) is a full day learning experience facilitated by a BLS Faculty Member. The Core Instructor Course is a prerequisite for this Course, and provides many opportunities for application and practice of instruction, skills teaching and assessment in the BLS context.

Within 3 months of attending the DSM course, the instructor candidate must independently organize and present an American Heart Association Course during which he/she will be monitored by the BLS Faculty Member to audit performance, knowledge and skills.

After successful monitoring, the instructor candidate is registered with the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa as a BLS and/or Heartsaver Instructor, capable of teaching American Heart Association & Resuscitation Council CPR and Basic Life Support Courses.

Mandatory Pre-Entry Requirements

Instructor candidates must hold a valid AHA BLS for Healthcare Provider Certificate.
Instructor candidates must be linked to a recognized Basic Life Support Training Centre.
Instructor candidates must achieve at least 84% on the written examination.
Instructor candidates must be monitored within 3-months of the Instructor Course.
Instructor candidates must be prepared to attend a formal Update, and/or be re-monitored every two years.