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Basic Courses for Healthcare Professionals

Basic Life Support
CEUs 15
for Healthcare Providers
6 Hours
Audience: Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses, Healthcare Professionals and other Allied Health Providers.
36 Lessons including CPR, Choking, BVM and AED use.
62 page textbook
Written Test and Skills Test
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Basic Life Support
CEUs Free
2 Days
Audience: Exceptional BLS for Healthcare Providers Candidates, linked to a Training Centre.
Core Instructor Course and Discipline Specific Module Course.
Instructor Manual with CD
Written Test and Course Monitoring
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CPR for Professionals
CEUs Free
To be released shortly
5 Hours
Audience: Doctors, Paramedics & Nurses, Healthcare Professionals
CPRS, AED, BVM and Choking,
AED Module
20 page textbook
Skills test, written test.
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